What is a Men's Shed?
The Men's Shed provide's a local, informal location where the community can spent time engaged in manual crafts such as woodworking, metal working or the restoration of old furniture, objects, machines etc.

The shed is a place where you can be socially active and form friendships and allow new opportunities for activity and interaction in their lives post-work. The shed is often open a few days a week.

The main purpose of the shed is to offer anyone a place to engage with hands on activities and to interact with others and by doing so to develop a sense of meaning and value around the process of completing projects in the shed.

Through shared experiences in the shed, members make friends, build a network of emotional support and develop a sense of belonging - all of which facilitate a willingness to communicate often uncommon in men. The health and wellbeing aspect of the Sheds, particularly in terms of preventative health, is perhaps their greatests benefit.

The shed also provides an environment where productivity and being of value to their community can contribute to a person's feeling of self worth, and help to develop a sense of meaning and productivity in the years following retirement, loss or other hardship.
Phone: 03 5174 5924
5 Howitt St Traralgon VIC 3844